The tiny house is a small home for two people who live together as a couple. It can be located anywhere it is possible to live in a house - on land or on the roof of a bigger building. The house is designed to be moved by a truck. The main idea of the project is to keep the basic shape of a cube. One side, where there are doors, is closed and protected from the outside. The other three walls are opened by big windows facing the exterior. It is constructed mainly from wood and big windows. The facade material is made of wood planes, which can be used in a natural or dark colour. The home has plenty of light and openings, but provides privacy at the same time. The interior is simple with the combination of the white walls and black details. The tiny house has a plane roof with solar panels to create electrical energy for the residents. Water will be collected in the water tank on the ceiling from the rain. The toilet is a composting toilet which works without water. Residents have more areas available in their home - a bathroom area, a kitchen area, a sleeping and a dining/working area. Some areas are transparently connected. There is also some storage space on the shelves, under the bed and under the sofa. The size of the house and the space inside is designed to provide enough functional and comfortable space for living in the minimal size of the house.